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Why buying a new boiler could save you money

Why Buying a New Boiler Could Save You Money

Buying a new gas or LPG boiler is a big investment, so it may sound odd that doing so can save you money! However, a boiler’s efficiency will always go down over time, and by the time an appliance is 10 years old, it could be working at just 50 to 70% efficiency. That means it will use a lot more gas – and cost you a lot more on your bills as a result. Buying a new one means you’ll instantly cut back on the amount you need to spend on energy and, over time, you’ll get back the cost of your outlay.

When it comes to mains gas boilers, the reason a new one is more efficient isn’t just because it’s new. Most modern boilers are the condensing type, which means they can recover more heat from the exhaust flue and reuse it to heat the central heating water in your radiators. They also tend to come hand in hand with modern programmers, thermostats and thermostatic radiators valves (TRVs), which all give you more control over how each room in your home is heated from day to day.

Here's an example from the Energy Saving Trust, based on current fuel prices (the April to June 2023 Energy Price Guarantee). If you were to replace an old G-rated mains gas boiler with a modern A-rated model working at 90%+ efficiency, you could potentially make the following fuel savings over 12 months*:
- Flat (mid-floor): £230
-Mid-terraced house: £420
- Detached bungalow: £445
- Semi-detached house: £540
- Detached house: £840

* The figures shown are for England, Scotland and Wales, and depend on having a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) fitted.

So, whilst the exact cost of a new mains gas boiler will obviously depend on the size and type of your home, and your family’s energy requirements, it’s easy to see that it probably won’t take too many years for your new appliance to pay for itself!

A new boiler is better for the environment, too. Older boilers tend to give off much more carbon dioxide (CO2) than newer models, which is harmful for the environment. By upgrading to a new boiler, you’ll be doing your bit to help the UK achieve its target of becoming carbon net zero by 2050. You and your family will also be less at risk from dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) leaks, which can be another problem with ageing gas boilers.

Coming back to the financial side of things, it’s inevitable that an older boiler will break down eventually, even if you have it serviced every year. Like any kind of technology, boiler models become obsolete over time, which means replacement parts may not be available if you do have a breakdown. If parts can be found, labour costs will probably be expensive – and you could even struggle to find an engineer who’s familiar with the model at hand.

So, rather than being hit with an unexpected cost and a possible lengthy wait for an engineer – especially in the middle of winter when it usually happens – it’s far better to be prepared and replace your boiler in the warmer months of the year (like now!) In the summertime, more engineers will be available, so your installation can be booked in more quickly, and you’ll have more time to research the exact make and model you want.

After all, you can’t put a price on peace of mind, especially if you share your home with kids, older people or vulnerable adults who need to be kept warm. The great thing about modern boilers is that most of them come with extended warranties of a decade or more, so provided you keep the boiler serviced regularly, you won’t need to worry about the cost if things go wrong.

For the ultimate in reassurance, you can also opt to take out a boiler cover plan, like the Boiler Care Plans we offer at Tailored Heat. These give you access to priority call outs and preferential rates as well as covering the cost of your annual boiler service. You can even opt to have other parts of your central heating and plumbing systems covered as well, if you wish.

Here at Tailored Heat, we understand that buying a new mains gas or LPG boiler can be daunting. There are many makes, models, types and sizes on the market – and it can be difficult to decide which option might best suit your home and family. That’s why we’re on hand to help customers in Plymouth and the surrounding areas make the right decisions for their household and budget.

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