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Most Common Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Codes

Discover the most common Worcester Bosch boiler fault codes and what the causes may be.

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Worcester Bosch boiler fault codes

Issues with gas supply

The Worcester Bosch Ri range can sometimes display a flashing blue light, this could be caused by no gas being supplied to the boiler.

To check if their is a fault with the boiler or your gas supply, you can test other gas appliances in your home such as a gas hob. If they are all working correctly it is likely the issue is your boiler.

Contact us if you're ensure what the issue might be, our team are always on hand to help!

CE 207
Low boiler pressure

Boilers can lose pressure over time and once they get too low, this can affect your heating system. You can see if your boiler pressure is low by checking the pressure gauge, if it is below 1, the pressure will need to be increased.

Flue blockages

Flue guards are added to prevent debris falling into your boiler, however if you don't have one fitted or it has been damaged, a flue blockage can occur and sometimes stop your boiler from igniting. As Gas Safe registered engineers we can fit or repair them, get in touch to speak to our team.

Banging noises

Banging noising in your boiler could be a sign of kettling - a build up of limescale. As Gas Safe registered engineers, we can offer a powerflush, removing any limescale, sludge and debris in the process, leaving your boiler with clean water flowing through the system again.

EA or D5
Condense blocked

Condensing boilers have a condensate pipe which sends water waste out to your drain. Condense pipes can become blocked and often freeze during winter. If you think your condensate pipe is frozen, you can thawed them by pouring hot water on the blockage. However if you are unsure, our experience engineers are happy to check what is causing the blockage and aim to get it fixed for you.

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