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Heat Pump
Installations Plymouth.

Our heating engineers can install smart and traditional heating controls from leading manufacturers throughout Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Our heating engineers can install smart and traditional heating controls from leading manufacturers throughout Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling for your home. We install units from leading manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch.

Heat Source Pumps, Plymouth

Heat source pumps provide cheaper running costs than traditional boiler systems and can also be connected to your existing heating system. Our certified engineers are on hand to install heat source pumps throughout Plymouth, Devon and the surrounding areas.

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Heat pump installation Plymouth

What are
Heat Source Pumps?

The future of heating for your home.

Air source heat pumps provide renewable heating and hot water for your home by taking in heat energy from the air, passing it through a coil where the gas goes back to a liquid, this then produces warmth which is passed through your home’s heating system.

Heat pumps typically use less electrical energy to run than the heat they will produce, making them an energy-efficient way to keep your home warm.


Benefits of a
Heat Source Pump

Energy efficient cooling and heating for your home.

Heat pumps require less maintenance than traditional boilers and also offer lower running costs due to their efficiency, helping you to save money on your heating bills.

Their longer lifespans make heat pumps a safer and more reliable way to cool and heat your home for up to 50 years!

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Plymouth Heat Pump Installations

Find out more about Heat Pumps

Discover our frequently asked questions about heat pumps.

There are various factors to consider regarding heat pumps that could enhance their value for you. Notably, heat pumps offer a significant reduction in your home's carbon footprint, particularly beneficial if you're transitioning from a fossil fuel-powered boiler.

Certainly, air source heat pumps have the potential to save you up to £1,100 compared to traditional heating systems. The exact amount you can save with an air source heat pump depends on its coefficient of performance (CoP).

The operational expenses of air source heat pumps typically range from £650 to £1150 per year, influenced largely by factors such as system size and prevailing gas prices. Nonetheless, several other variables also impact the running costs of air source heat pumps.

The cost of an air source heat pump in the UK can vary between £1,500 and £18,000. However, the specific price depends on the type of air source heat pump you're considering. Generally, air-to-water heat pumps are more expensive than air-to-air heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps can continue to provide heating during the winter months in the UK. However, their efficiency might decrease because they rely on outside air, which loses efficiency below 0°C.

Air source heat pumps typically have a lifespan of 20 years or more. Due to their relatively simple and reliable technology, heat pumps generally require minimal maintenance, although it's advisable to have an annual service.

The operational cost of air source heat pumps relies solely on electricity. The electricity consumption varies depending on your home's size and insulation quality. Improved insulation reduces heat loss, resulting in lower energy consumption for the heat pump. In well-insulated homes, running a heat pump should be more cost-effective compared to a traditional gas boiler.

Air source heat pump systems utilize a hot water cylinder to heat water, ensuring a steady supply of hot water for your home. The heated water is stored in an insulated cylinder, retaining its temperature for several hours, ensuring availability for various household tasks such as dishwashing and bathing. It's advisable to select a hot water tank that adequately meets your household's needs to ensure a consistent supply of hot water.

According to both manufacturer guidance and our recommendation, it's necessary to have your heat pump serviced annually by a qualified heat pump engineer.

While it's possible to mount an air source heat pump on a wall as long as it remains easily accessible for maintenance by an engineer, for optimal performance and reduced operational noise, we recommend installing it at ground level.