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Boiler Service in Plymouth

Here at Tailored Heat Ltd, our team have plenty of experience within domestic and commercial repair and maintenance. Our highly-skilled team of engineers are fully DBS checked, Gas Safe registered and fully insured to work in your property. One of our main services that we provide are our boiler servicing in Plymouth. If you need boiler solutions for any situation in your commercial or residential property in or around the area of Plymouth, you can count on us here at Tailored Heat Ltd.

Annual Boiler Servicer

At Tailored Heat Ltd, we have fitted A rated boilers with some of the UK’s leading energy companies; making us a trustworthy plumbing and heating company in Plymouth. We dedicate our time and effort into making sure that our customers in Plymouth receive the best service possible. We can understand the difficulties that can be caused when a boiler is in need of repair and so we respond to emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year.

Regardless of whether you are looking to save energy efficiency, improve your home or replace a faulty boiler, Tailored Heat can help you to find a solution that best meets your heating and plumbing needs.

Quality Boiler Servicing from Tailored Heat

When it comes to needing a boiler service in Plymouth, look no further, the team at Tailored Heat have you covered. We offer a range of boiler servicing to customers across Plymouth and the surrounding areas. If you’re in need of a boiler check up or service then you’re in the right place, Tailored Heat will find the right solution to your requirements. Call our professional heating engineers today and book your boiler service in Plymouth.

We’re renowned across Plymouth for the excellent boiler servicing that we provide, what’s more is we can service all makes and models of boilers, our years of experience means that you can trust our highly trained and qualified heating engineers. We’ll provide you with the best boiler service in Plymouth and will ensure that your boiler is performing efficiently and safely all year round. Having installed, repaired and servicing boilers for a number of years now, at Tailored Heat we have all of the necessary skills and experience.

Why do I need to have my boiler serviced?


At Tailored Heat in Plymouth we strongly recommend that you service your boiler regularly, this will help to avoid expensive boiler breakdowns that could occur in the future. Having your boiler serviced and maintained will distinguish any potential risks or problems, we can then resolve them, this will avoid a costly boiler breakdown. Offering our boiler servicing in Plymouth for a number of years means that we understand how beneficial it is to have your boiler servicing regularly. Take a look at the top five reasons why you should have your boiler serviced…

    • Minimise risk of future problems or breakdowns
    • Increased energy efficiency
    • Extended boiler life
    • Safe operation of your boiler
    • Huge peace of mind

We believe that with some things, you can put a price on them and the safety of your and your loved ones is just that, one of the ways that you can make sure your home is safe to live in is having regular boiler services. They’re important for checking the function and operation of your boiler, they’re a daily asset, within time problems can occur, it’s only natural. With regular boiler services, you can minimise the risk of undergoing a boiler breakdown or any issues that could arise. So what are you waiting for, don’t delay, call Tailored Heat in Plymouth today.

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Boiler Service Contracts in Plymouth

At Tailored Heat Ltd, we believe boiler servicing is essential for the maintenance of both domestic and commercial boilers. Having checkups with your boiler through annual servicing can help prevent your boiler from completely breaking down. Not having boiler service could mean that you will face larger costs to get a completely new boiler replacement.

Boiler servicing can help to make sure that your boiler is running safely and smoothly, it can also spot any small issues before they turn into major problems, helping to avoid a costly breakdown. All our boiler inspections are carried out by trained, experienced and Gas Safe registered engineers, so you know you’re in safe hands with Tailored Heat Ltd.



Boiler Service Process


Many people are unsure of what a boiling service entails or why it is necessary to have regular service checks. Here is what happens during a boiler service:

  • Your boiler will be checked to make sure they’re operating safely and to optimal efficiency
  • Corrosion checks
  • Leakage checks
  • Boiler casing will be removed to check its main components are functioning correctly
  • Gas pressure checks – ensure it’s operating to the correct gas pressure
  • Flue test – make sure no unsafe emissions are being released
  • Cleaning where required
  • To finish, casing will be put back on and properly sealed

Servicing does not take a lot of time to do and can prevent potential problems, which will in turn save money. At Tailored Heat Ltd, we are more than happy to help with any of your boiler needs.



For a boiling service in Plymouth, call Tailored Heat Ltd now!

Don’t hesitate to call us at any time, for any questions you may have about your boiler servicing in Plymouth. At Tailored Heat, our aim is to make sure that your boiler is up and running as quickly and safely as possible. We provide our services in Plymouth, Fowey, Looe, St Austell, Exeter and the surrounding areas.


How much is a boiler service?

The cost of our boiler services are priced individually, every service is bespoke and this is why we charge bespoke pricing. When you choose Tailored Heat for a boiler service, you can trust that you’ll receive a value for money service which is competitively priced. We can provide you with a quote once we have an idea of your boiler brand, model, the heating system and the usage of your heating system.

How long does a boiler service take?

When we provide a boiler service, it’s often a quick process, your boiler brand, model and the age of your boiler will affect the length of time it takes to complete your boiler service. The older your boiler system is, the longer it will take to service, we’ll also take time to look at the condition of the boiler as well as correct any potential issues or risks. Larger heating systems may also impact on the amount of time it takes to finish the boiler service, either way at Tailored Heat we’ll aim to complete your boiler service as quickly as possible.

How do I book my boiler in for service?

It couldn’t be easier, simply call our team today on 0800 689 1826 and we’ll arrange a time and date to come to your property and complete your boiler service. So what are you waiting for, we’re ready for you call.

What types of boilers can you service?

As specialists in boiler servicing, we have the skills needed to service all makes and models of boilers. No matter how new or old your boiler system is, Tailored Heat will be able to service your boiler to a high standard and your safety and well-being is our priority. Our team at Tailored Heat also provide boiler repairs and installation services.

Do you offer any other boiler services in Plymouth?

Yes, here at Tailored Heat we offer various boiler services in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Some of our other services include boiler repairs, boiler installations, boiler breakdowns, boiler cover and new boiler fittings.