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Hot Water Cylinder Maintenance

Here at Tailored Heat Ltd, we have over 10 years’ experience in domestic and commercial repair and maintenance. All our qualified engineers are fully DBS checked, Gas Safe registered and fully insured to work in your home. One of our many skills are within hot water cylinders in Plymouth. If you need a reputable engineer for any situation in your commercial or residential property in Plymouth, then look no further.

Central Heating Systems

A hot water cylinder is simply a storage tank for the hot water that passes through the taps and showers. There are different types of cylinders to suit different homes, depending on their hot water usage throughout the day. These different types of hot water storage include:

  1. Unvented – This system comprises of a pressurised hot water cylinder comes from the mains water supply. Cold water from the mains is delivered to the base of the cylinder, the water is heated, then when a tap or shower is turned on the mains water pressure pushes the hot water out.
  2. Vented – This is the most conventional system and used in most households in the UK. This system generally has a cold water storage tank, which supplies water to the hot water cylinder. Water in the cylinder is topped up from the header tank in the loft which in turn is kept topped from the mains. Water in the cylinder is heated either by an electric immersion heater and/or by the central heating boiler. Hot water in the cylinder is used to supply the hot taps. The header tank also acts as an expansion tank, as the water in the hot water cylinder heats up it expands, and excess goes back to the header tank and a vent allows trapped air to escape to prevent build-up of pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Water Cylinder Systems

Why am I not getting any hot water from my hot water cylinder?

If you’re not getting any hot water from your hot water cylinder, then this is most likely because the heater is faulty. You may need the complete immersion heater replacing or just a stat. Call us on 07581191836 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

I can see water pouring through my pipe of my unvented hot water cylinder, what should I do?

If you see water coming through the plastic cup of the overflow pipe, then turn the electric off to it and then the mains water afterwards. Do not attempt to fix it yourself as this problem requires a specialist. We are on call 24/7 and can help with any boiler emergencies.


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