Energy Saving Tips By Tailored Heat, Plymouth

Energy Saving Tips For Winter

As we approach the cold winter months and the country remains unsure about the rising energy bills, keeping our homes warm can be a big worry for many of us. That’s why we’ve tailored a list of top tips to make the most of your boiler and keep costs down.

Upgrading your boiler and heating controls
Whilst it can be costly to upgrade your boiler, the long term benefits of having a new boiler can be great. Boilers over 25 years old can be as little as 60% efficient in comparison to modern condensing boilers which are labelled between 92-94% efficiency ErP.

Another alternative to tracking and keeping costs down is to install a modern thermostat and TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) which will allow you to have more control over how your home is being heated. These can range from a simple timer to control when the heating comes on/off, to a high-tech system where you can control your heating across your household from your phone remotely.

Making the most of your heating controls
Having your thermostat set to a high temperature may do more harm than good. Condensing mode for most boilers is 65 degrees celsius or less to be most efficient. Factory settings are often 80 degrees celsius which mean that they rarely condense, consequently, useful heat produced is lost via the flu. Turning up your thermostat to a high heating when you come home does not necessarily mean that your home will heat up quicker, it just means that it is using up more energy in order to reach that temperature.

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Booking your radiators in for a power flush
Over time, radiators tend to get a build up of rust, sludge or other debris which can affect the efficiency of how well they heat your home. Signs that this is happening include radiators constantly need bleeding, there are cold spots, frequent boiler breakdowns and the system is noisy. To prevent needing a boiler repair, which can be very costly, a power flush is a great way to maintain the efficiency and sustainability of your radiators. It also means that your boiler isn’t working as hard to heat up your radiators, so as a result keeping energy costs down.

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Bleed your radiators
Air bubbles can build up within your radiators meaning that the hot water is unable to circulate properly - as a result your radiators will not heat up to their full potential. Bleeding your radiators is quite a simple, easy job. You just need a radiator key and some old towels to collect any water that escapes.

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