Boiler Servicing in Saltash

Boiler Servicing in Saltash

Tailored Heat offers expert annual boiler servicing to homeowners and landlords in Saltash and the surrounding areas of south Cornwall and west Devon. Whether you have a mains gas or LPG boiler, our friendly Gas Safe registered engineer can service most makes and models, helping your appliance keep working safely and efficiently.

We’re often asked why boilers need servicing every year, especially news ones that are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. Here are our top six reasons why annual boiler servicing is a ‘must do’ for all homeowners and landlords in Saltash.


  1. Keeping you and your family (or tenants) safe

A damaged or faulty boiler could cause a dangerous gas leak, house fire or even a devastating gas explosion. Whilst you might smell a gas leak, carbon monoxide is clear and odourless – but can be deadly. So, you may not notice if your boiler is releasing carbon monoxide, putting you and your family or tenants at risk of poisoning.

Having the boiler serviced every year will flag up any safety issues straight away, helping to protect homeowners, tenants and properties alike.


  1. Optimising your boiler’s efficiency

Regular servicing and maintenance will help your boiler work more efficiently, for example by stopping too much dirt and soot building up. As a result, it will use less energy and you’ll save money on your gas bills.

A clean and efficient boiler also gives out lower carbon emissions, so you’ll be helping to protect the environment, too. And our qualified engineers will always be happy to give you advice and tips during your boiler service visit, to help you use your boiler and central heating as efficiently as possible whilst staying warm and snug in your home.


  1. Nipping breakdowns in the bud

It’s not always easy to tell if there’s a problem with your boiler. Small issues can fester away and turn into big ones over time, resulting in expensive repairs and replacement parts. If parts are no longer available, or the problems are severe, you might even have to fork out for a new boiler; an unexpected cost that could easily blow your household budget.

An annual service can help identify many problems at an early stage, so they can be fixed without causing too much disruption to your home – or your wallet!


  1. Improving your boiler’s lifespan

A boiler that isn’t serviced regularly probably won’t last as long as one that’s well-maintained. So, if you don’t look after your boiler you could end up having to replace it sooner than necessary.

Whilst even the newest boilers should be serviced once a year, older models (especially those aged over 15 years), will inevitably become less efficient and more expensive to run. If you have an older boiler, ask Tailored Heat about our options for replacing it with a brand new, energy efficient gas or LPG model.


  1. Making sure guarantees remain valid

Most boiler manufacturers require new boilers to be serviced every year under the terms of their warranties or guarantees. To make sure you don’t forget to book an appointment, and to help spread the cost, why not take out one of our Tailored Heat Cover Plans?

As well as taking care of your annual service, we’ll carry out extra checks and tests we don’t normally included in a standard boiler service. You’ll also benefit from priority call-out and preferential rates on our other central heating, plumbing and home electrical services. There are a range of Cover Plans available, which start from £6.99 per month depending on which household fittings and appliances you’d like to include.


  1. Complying with a landlord’s legal duties

Landlords are legally required to arrange for the boilers, other gas-fired appliances and flues in their rented properties to be checked annually by a Gas Safe qualified engineer. A copy of the Gas Safety Certificate must then be given to the tenant.

However, it’s important to note that a Gas Safety Check isn’t as in-depth as a full service. For maximum peace of mind, and to keep warranties and guarantees valid, we therefore recommend that landlords in Saltash opt for a full annual boiler service for their properties.


Gas Safety Check or boiler service: what’s the difference?

You could think of a Gas Safety Check and boiler service as a bit like having an MOT and service on your car. The MOT / Gas Safety Check is all about safety, whilst the car / boiler service goes into a lot more detail and aims to keep the car / boiler well-maintained in the long run, whilst helping to avoid expensive repairs. To find out exactly what’s involved in a boiler service from Tailored Heat, please click here.


Book your boiler service in Saltash soon

The phrase ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ applies perfectly to boiler services! Late spring and summer are the best times to have your boiler and other gas-fired appliances checked over, as you’ll be less likely to get any nasty surprises when the heating goes back on in the autumn. Our engineers also tend to be less busy during the warmer months, so you’ll have plenty of choice for appointment times and dates.


You can book online at our website, or call our friendly team on 0800 689 1826 to arrange your boiler servicing appointment today.